Our Firm

We believe good financial decisions are made when there is education, understanding, and intentional planning.

Our Philosophy

At New Canaan Group our philosophy is to have diversification without dilution, to invest with conviction, and to win more by losing less. We believe this institutional type approach, combined with a process tailored around each client can lead to better outcomes over time.


We believe in holding a variety of asset classes ranging from large U.S. based companies to international bonds to commodities. We seek to avoid turning diversification into “worsification” by holding too many assets and limiting performance. Each investment plays an important role in driving portfolio returns.


The managers we utilize for our clients tend to own more concentrated portfolios. This speaks to their conviction in their process and helps reduce overlap among the various investments we utilize. We often find that investors believe they’re diversified by holding a number of funds when in reality each fund looks very similar. We evaluate each investment for its fit to prevent this issue.


Mathematically and psychologically, losses are difficult for most investors to endure. While all investments will suffer periods of poor performance, our process seeks to hold strategies that have a track record of losing less than their benchmarks. We cannot prevent clients from losing money in down markets, but our goal is to deliver superior risk adjusted returns.

Asset Allocation, which is a method of diversification that positions assets among major investment categories, does not guarantee a profit or protection against a loss.


At New Canaan Group, we aim to develop long-term relationships with clients that start with a one-on-one discovery and planning process.

 Our four-step approach includes:

1. Learning

It starts by learning all about you and your family, financial goals, as well as any concerns you have about your financial life.

2. Guiding

After learning about you and your goals, we create a plan that aligns the management of your wealth with your long-term intentions.

3. Implementing

Once we’ve agreed to a plan, we will implement and manage your wealth on an ongoing basis – tailoring our investment strategy to current market conditions.

4. Reviewing

It’s vital to monitor progress in volatile markets regularly — particularly when your life priorities evolve — so we help you update the plan as financial and personal circumstances change.

Let’s Talk

If you are in need of professional wealth management services, we would be honored to assist in helping you and your family reach your goals. With deep investment, risk management and retirement planning experience, we can help you and your loved ones plan for the future, just as we have for thousands of clients.

Let’s Talk

If you are an educator in need of financial,
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honored to assist you in reaching your financial
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