Wealth Management

For successful families, individuals, professionals and business owners.

What do you intend for your wealth?

You’ve maintained or built your wealth through smart, disciplined decisions based on needs, desires and long-term goals.

Making the most of your wealth today requires professional financial planning, setting up risk “guardrails” and special consideration policies, and comprehensive guidance tailored to manifesting your vision for today and tomorrow.

If you’re seeking help finding and realizing your intentions for your wealth through education and guidance, work with New Canaan Group. We are a firm of financial advisors committed to helping successful families and individuals reach their financial goals. Our team has extensive capabilities, knowledge, and experience to help you effectively manage your wealth through challenging times and across multiple generations.

“Our process centers around three basic hallmarks that we’ve used to help our clients achieve their financial goals for three decades. This same approach is effective for anybody seeking help managing and building wealth.”

Financial Planning

This cornerstone of our process pinpoints the right mix of assets best for you — whether goal- or need-based, or a combination of the two.

Intentional Guidance

We aim to understand your needs and goals, then provide crystal-clear direction to help you maximize your after-tax return for your given level of risk.

Investment Policy Statements

These capture not only the risk tolerance and return objectives of each investment strategy but also help lay out tax considerations, special restrictions, and other factors exclusive to you.

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If you are in need of professional wealth management services, we would be honored to assist in helping you and your family reach your goals. With deep investment, risk management and retirement planning experience, we can help you and your loved ones plan for the future, just as we have for thousands of clients.

Let’s Talk

If you are an educator in need of financial,
pension, or retirement planning, we would be
honored to assist you in reaching your financial
goals as we have for thousands of your
colleagues. If you are an existing client and
want to make adjustments to your account or
setup a review with your advisor, reach out to us